Hey that’s us… Kevin & Katie! And this is a travel blog.

Oh, you’d like to know more? Fantastic.

Kevin’s an architect and photographer. Katie fancies herself an all-around creative with a background in graphic design and digital consulting. We left San Francisco at the end of 2015 to travel around the world for a long while, and are doing the travel blog thing.

BUT! This is not your typical travel blog. Yes, of course, we’ll post some guides and useful resources for friends, family, and other travelers. But as creative artists, we’re far more interested in creating than recap-ing. And since art supplies are pretty damn bulky, this blog has become a canvas for our artistic musings and inspiration. And! AND! Because there are two of us, you get double the fun: we both post consistently to highlight our unique creative styles, perspectives, and interests.

Excited to dive in, but not sure where to start? If you like beautiful photography, Kevin’s your guy. If illustration or mixed media is your thang, Katie’s good at that. Don’t care about any of that? Then try some of the myriad funnybizarre, and thought-provoking posts we’ve conjured up. Still not interested? Well, then, womp womp.

Thanks for stopping by. We love you.

Want to contact us? NEAT. You can find Kevin at kevin@postcardsfromyonder.com, Katie at katie@postcardsfromyonder.com or BOTH OF US at: hello@postcardsfromyonder.com

You can also view Kevin’s professional photography work at kevinjshort.com

And And AND… we’ve been featured in a few online publications for our work!
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And also a few online features for Kevin’s photography…
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love ya,
Kevin & Katie