‘Twas the Night Before Diwali…

Words by Katie / Photos by Kevin

‘Twas the night of Diwali,
And all through the country,
Every Indian was stirring,
From Mumbai to Delhi.


Each candle, each lantern,
All burning bright,
Enough fire and oil,
To light up the night.


But before all the fireworks,
Destroyed every ear drum,
And the sky turned more smokey,
Than the usual pollution.


There was work to be done,
Some final preparation,
For India’s biggest holiday,
A Hindu celebration.


First, the accessories —
Get saris and bangles,
And make sure that your henna,
Dries before getting mangled.


And don’t forget flowers,
Colored sand, and clay pots,
Decoration is key,
More is better than naught.


Now let’s start the rangoli,
Symmetrical patterns in sand,
Make them at your front door step,
To bring luck, make it grand.


Then string all the lights,
Place the candles outside,
Before Laskmi and Ganesha,
Are invited inside.


The puja begins,
A prayer to the gods,
Give up ghee as an offering,
Partake one and all.


Eat as much as you can,
Before the fireworks start,
Time to light up the sparklers,
Watch smoke, flames cut the dark.


And last but not least,
Eat all the sugar you can,
Treats feature highly,
In the whole Diwali plan.


Cookies and candies,
And sweets galore,
Prepared by Ragini’s family,
Who we absolutely adore 🙂



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  1. I am an Indian. Sometimes we take our previleges , our art and our culture. Your blog took me to a short trip to me own country. Thanks a lot. You guys are doing a beautiful job !


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