A Luxury Cruise Thru Vietnam’s Halong Bay

December 2016 / words and photos by Kevin

In November, Katie turned 30. I know… she’s old now. Gross. Just kidding 🙂 She’s like a fine wine, only better with age.

And this month (in 5 days to be precise) I will turn 31. Even older. Even grosser. The unfortunate thing is that I still feel like I’m 25, and still act like I’m 18. I’d like to grow up, but it’s just not happening. 30’s the new 20 I guess. Or perhaps 31 is the new 25 which is the new 18.

I don’t really have a point with any of this nonsense. Except that age really has never mattered to me, beyond a number of how many rotations around the sun I’ve made.

And of course, it’s a great arbitrary excuse to celebrate.

So for our 30th-ish birthdays, Katie and I took a luxury cruise (…a kind gift from Katie’s mother…) through Vietnam’s famed Halong Bay. It was beautiful. And breathtaking. And stunning. And everything else lovely. If you’ve ever been to Halong Bay, you know what I’m talking about. (Unless you were on one of those party cruises, in which case you were probably blackout the whole time and unfortunately can’t remember much…)

Enough words, I’ll let the photos below do the talking…

Sunrise in Halong Bay. Fuck Yea.

Kayaking underneath the giant limestone karst pinnacles, which protrude hundred of meters out of the water

Sexy honeymoon shot – Katie taking a dip in an exotic secluded Vietnamese bay. Practically every other couple on the boat was on their honeymoon, so we pretended to be too

Halong Bay is famous for these giant limestone islands that pop out of the turquoise water below. Simply stunning.

Sundowners drink on the deck

Catching some late afternoon rays. I’ve since shaved so no longer look so rat-like in the face.

There’s our trusted sea vessel in all her glory. The sails don’t actually do anything, they are just for looks, and look damn good if I do say.

Where the islands hit the water, erosion from the sea has caused the rocks to cantilever out. You can swim or ride kayaks underneath which is really fun

I just sat in the back and made her chauffeur me around

Anchors up

Our room & patio. Such cool design.

Bathtub with a view.

Sunrise from our private patio

Sunrise on the last day

Bak, the boss man. This guy was the spirit of the cruise. He did it all and made everyone smile the whole way. He’s pictured here doing some kind of peace offering / Tai Chi move. Not sure what exactly but I like it.

At first I thought she was a pirate trying to board our vessel like in ‘Captain Phillips’. But she ended up being friendly, and would just sail along side our boat trying to sell everyone Pringles and Coke. See that long stick? It has a net on the end so she can deliver your goods straight up to your patio. Fucking ingenuity. And she was a relentless saleswoman. I was taking a bath one afternoon and she just sat outside my window yelling up at me for over an hour.

Sun bathing deck at sunrise

Katie practicing some Tai Chi in the morning

Floating dock

Some cuties who live on these floating docks.

Katie posing like she’s in an advertisement for (fake) Raybans

The crew waving us farewell.


We cruised Halong Bay with Orchid Cruises. We would highly recommend them if you are looking for a more secluded luxury experience. They have permits to sail in areas of Halong Bay that very few other boats can, so you will rarely see other ships. Everyone’s biggest complaint with Halong Bay is the amount of tourism. But with Orchid Cruises you won’t have this problem.

The standard rooms on the boat are incredible. When we went (December 2016) the boat was only about a month old. It’s so well designed. It’s modern and clean. The staff was beyond professional. The gentleman in charge of the staff, named Bak (pictured above) was such a boss. He did everything from Tai Chi classes at sunrise to leading the staff in Christmas caroling during dinner. He made everyone smile.

We opted for the 3-day / 2-night cruise and were glad for it. There is a 2-day / 1-night option but it would have felt rushed for us. We made some friends who could only stay 1-night and they were pretty bummed to have to leave so early. It’s worth spending the extra time in Halong Bay… it’s so relaxing, and the landscape never ceases to be breathtaking.

Another bonus for Orchid Cruises… they will pick you at your hotel in Hanoi and deliver you to the dock which is only 2 hrs away. Most other cruises leave from a different dock that is a 4 hour drive from Hanoi.

This cruise probably isn’t for everyone since it’s more expensive (we were lucky that Katie’s mom helped us out as a birthday gift… thanks Mary) but if you are looking for a splurge on your trip, I’d highly recommend spending it on this. All in, the cruise was about $620 USD (not including drinks at the bar… but we brought some wine on board to save $$$) Compared to what luxury of this level would cost back in the States, it’s practically a steal 🙂 But seriously, Halong Bay is such a special place but can really be made to suck on the wrong boat.

So consider Orchid Cruise for your next Halong Bay Cruise Experience! <—— I sound like a fucking commercial here, they aren’t actually paying me to say any of this, although Katie and I did try to get them to give us a discount cause of our sweet travel blog, to which they said no. Womp womp.

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  1. Wow! This traveling blog is amazing! Sadly i´m not 30 years old yet because now i know what to do! I searched some pictures about Halong Bay and now it´s even more worth it!


  2. wow what great to go on a cruis. I think it is realy hard to lead the staff. It is logic that it is so expensive beacause it is great. I realy wanted to go on that trip it is great to relax. If I look at the pictures then I see how much diffrent cultures there are in the world. And thats so so great to see. I really liked to read this blog and I hope you will send a message back!!!


  3. Great photos. Such a beautiful location.


  4. Such beautiful pictures, love your journey!


  5. such a wonderful blog! good job and keep it up..


  6. The company should definitely pay you guys for this sweet post 😀
    I’m living in Vietnam and can confirm that Orchid is one of the best cruises in Halong Bay region, i mean in Lan Ha bay and Bai Tu Long bay also.
    By the way, if someone can speak French, the price of Orchid cruises is much cheaper on this site: https://baiedhalong-vietnam.com/bateaux-orchid/


    1. Thanks for the tip, Nina!


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