Pinnacles was in tents

October 2017 // Words by Katie, Photos by Kevin

Pinnacles National Park is the newest edition to the U.S.’s national park system (thanksObamaWeMissYou), and at about 3 and half hours from San Francisco, is a pretty convenient weekend trip if you want to get out of the city and into a lil’ nature.

You can see things like this.

And this.

And this!


This, too.

It’s a truly unique landscape born from volcanoes over 23 million years ago.

ALSO, it’s worth mentioning that we booked a campsite here a mere 10 DAYS ahead of our arrival in JULY, which is a real summer miracle in California.

And while it admittedly was very, very hot (okay, so that’s prooobably the reason it wasn’t booked), it didn’t disappoint. There were caves, there were bees , there were vista points, and there was a giant tent.


Wait, what? A tent? What do you mean there was a giant tent?

Okay, you caught me. I’ll admit it. We were recently sent a sweet tent to trial, so one of our main motivations for exploring Pinnacles was to test said tent. NOT THAT WE DON’T LOVE CAMPING FOR CAMPING’S SAKE. Indeed, we love camping. See here.

But anyway, I’m going to talk about the tent now:

It’s huge, and it connects to your car. Which was not particularly valuable to us this trip, but I could see how it might be – like, when it’s raining, you could have EVERYTHING you need in one little HOME.

For us, though, it was just miraculously huge. We’re used to a tiny, little 2-person tent that’s JUST for sleeping (side note: we were once forced inside the tiny tent for about 13 hours during torrential downpours in Zion. But I digress). This NEW tent could sleep 6 people, easily, and you can all stand in it, too. It felt comically huge to us.

So we wanted to show you all the things you could do inside the tent…

You can do tree pose:

You can shuck corn:

You can eat dinner…while standing.

You can do CARTWHEELS. Really shitty cartwheels:

And so on.

Point is, we had a strangely good time in the tent, and are super stoked and grateful that Napier sent it to us.


Also, as a bonus, AND BECAUSE WE WERE OBVIOUSLY VERY CURIOUS, we decided to see what would happen if we drove away with the tent still on.  You’re welcome. (P.S. it did not break and was very sturdy!)

Ok that’s all thanks goodbye!

Want your own giant tent? Check out NAPIER at

We had the Backroadz SUV tent, which you can find here!

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  1. Thanks for reviving Postcards from Yonder. I miss reading your adventures!


  2. So amamzing i like your all picture. keep it up.


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